FREE! Student Life Skills Classes Returning in January

Free and back by popular demand! HC Drugfree is offering another series of 15 Life Skills classes to begin on Wednesday, January 27. The evidence-bases curriculum is for grades 6-9. We encourage siblings and friends to enroll together, so if your student is younger or older, register them and participation will be confirmed. Classes taught on Zoom by adults and talented college and high school students. Students listen to trusted older students! For more information or to enroll, go to

or contact

KNOW Connection: Ho Co Teens in Video

Howard County teens participated in HC Drug Free’s scavenger hunt, but this was not just any scavenger hunt! It was a socially distanced, community-service based event designed to make Howard County a better place through creativity, generosity, and health-conscious consideration of others. Teens demonstrated how to KNOW Connection, one act of kindness at a time. To view the slideshow, go to

Adults, are you IN THE KNOW?

HC Drugfree is dedicated to keeping Howard County youth and adults up to date on community health, drug and alcohol safety, substance misuse information and prevention, educational opportunities, and more. To sign up for the free newsletter, go to

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